What we do


Wear and tear presents the biggest factor to consider when designing steps for your property.


Expand your living space with a patio! Numerous materials & construction methods are available


Walkways are an essential feature of your landscape design.

Stone Walls

Stone walls have been used for thousands of years. Usually made from local materials...


Your driveway is the first and last thing you look at when coming and going from your home or business.


Cobblestones will give your home or business a distinctly upmarket, unique and artistic look.


A chimney is functional, but you also want the aesthetic to match the outside of your home.


There is nothing better than the warmth of a glowing fireplace on a chilly day.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen represents an investment in your home – your personal sanctuary.

Recent Work


Established in 2002, we are a fully licensed masonry specialist located in West Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod. ARM Masonry’s experienced team of motivated professionals brings 20+ years of knowledge and attention to the smallest of details. We believe that every client deserves to have their project fully embraced.

As a result, our approach encompasses impeccable work, clean job sites, attention to details and thorough communication with clients every step of the way – an approach that separates us from the competition. Our owner, Gus Hunanyan personally oversees every project to assure that no detail is missed and no question left unanswered. Perfectly executed projects and excellent client relations add to our reputation because we believe that client satisfaction defines our reputation.

While an impeccable final product is a critical component to our customers’ overall satisfaction, there is no way around the fact that building is an invasive process. In some cases, portions of the project’s property will be inaccessible during certain phases of work. We are sincere in our efforts to minimize disruptions and find that through effective communication we usually manage to leave a small footprint.

We simply believe that perfect design and well executed craftsmanship are the absolute beginnings of what each client should expect when we embrace a project. Our high quality workmanship and our individualized approach are the keys to our success.

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